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Acrylic Acid and Ester Recent Status Quo and Future Market Forecast

ECHEMI 2022-01-24


International oil prices remain high and volatile, with geopolitical risks and a lack of global supply limiting the decline. Domestic trend of organic chemicals to maintain finishing, longzhong monitoring of organic chemicals index is 169.51, coating raw material index is 172.15, compared with the beginning of this month to maintain a small increase.


As downstream businesses into the holiday rush, weaker domestic purchasing organic chemicals market atmosphere, restricted by the cost, however, the upstream manufacturers inventory levels at a reasonable level, delivery pressure is not big, superposition cut good support traders mentality, chemical commodity price stability, a few tentative rise, the actual clinch a deal.


Recently, the price of acrylic acid and ester market is running at a high level, and the overall center of gravity is on the high side. The main factor is the maintenance of enterprises' devices, and the start of the operation keeps falling compared with the same period last year. Due to the tight supply of their own and the continuous support of export orders, the inventory pressure of factories is temporarily absent. At the same time, raw material prices run high, supply is also tight, double support, market prices remain high. Market participants said that due to the good rhythm of corporate control, acrylic and ester prices are difficult to find, and the focus of market discussions has steadily increased.

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