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Influence of Winter Olympics on C5 Petroleum Resin Market



The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will begin at 19:30 PM on February 4 and close on Sunday, February 20, lasting 17 days.


The recent impact on C5 petroleum resin production enterprises is different, mainly because the affected areas are north China and Henan region, among which three production enterprises are located in Puyang, Henan Province, two production enterprises in Zibo, Shandong Province, one production enterprise is located in Liaocheng, Shandong Province. Henan Zhongtai and Shandong Ruisen have clearly stated that they will stop work for maintenance during the Winter Olympic Games, while other enterprises have no clear notice at the moment. The probability depends on the air condition, because the Zibo Kaixin device is in the demolition list, or it may be relatively affected.


The C5 petroleum resin enterprise zibo Boruhua supply of adhesive resin, Puyang Band road and Shandong Ruisen supply of adhesive resin accounted for most, coating resin accounted for 40% of the vicinity, Puyang Xinyu, Henan Zhongtai supply road sign paint with C5 petroleum resin. From the point of view of influence, mainly affect coating resin supply, adhesive resin supply influence few.


From the point of view of downstream coating construction, coating construction in February is relatively rare, the purchase of resin is mainly stock, so the shutdown of the device or reduce the load on the market has little impact; From downstream resin consumption, after return to work and production terminal will drive on resin consumption rose, and the downstream stock quantity is less, but the glue adhesion resin spot supply situation before and after the Spring Festival, there will be some spot, during the Spring Festival holiday spot manufacturer supply relative abundance and the load fluctuation is not big, for after market affect little.

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