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    Development Direction of Marine Coatings Industry in China

    Echemi 2019-09-17


    As a special coating for ships, ship coating is not only a kind of coating used on ships, but also can be applied to various offshore projects such as wharf and offshore oil drilling platform to prevent the corrosion of related projects by sea water. And the fouling of marine organisms. However, as the biggest pollution source in the ship construction and repair industry, the construction mode of ship painting is exactly one of the construction modes which pollutes the environment greatly, which is in contradiction with the modern green concept of environmental protection, and its construction process, once improperly handled, can cause great pollution to the environment. At the same time, with the development of China's shipbuilding industry, as an important part of shipbuilding, ship painting has also been greatly developed online Therefore, the modern shipbuilding industry also puts forward higher requirements for ship coating. Environmental protection, high performance, easy construction and so on are the important development direction of ship coating in the future.

    Modern ships and ocean engineering structures suffer almost astronomical losses due to sea water corrosion and marine attachments. It is in this situation that ship coatings were born, which can effectively reduce the damage to ships and ocean engineering structures caused by sea water corrosion and marine attachments. Harm, reduce related losses. For this reason, some experts have put forward the following opinions for ship coatings:

    In fact, ship coatings are only raw materials needed in the process of ship painting, and they only have the process of painting. Only then can its performance be brought into full play, and the construction quality of ship painting also directly determines the effect of paint. At present, due to the puzzlement of many factors, China's relevant ship coating enterprises basically do not provide perfect matching and quality assurance measures, which to a certain extent makes the construction quality of this process of ship painting can not be accurately guaranteed. Therefore, shipbuilding coatings enterprises need to combine coatings suppliers and other relevant departments to establish a sound quality assurance system to serve the coating of ship coatings. At the same time, through a sound supporting system to provide professional advice to relevant users to ensure the quality of ship coatings.

    Ship coating enterprises must realize industrialization and technological upgrading as soon as possible. Because of the present situation of overcapacity in the ship coating industry, on the one hand, the "price war" in the industry is becoming more and more fierce, especially in some coatings with relatively weak technology, the profit of the relevant ship coating manufacturers is lower or even unfavorable. Run has become a phenomenon in the current industry, which has a negative impact on the development of the marine paint industry itself. On the other hand, shipbuilding coatings enterprises with technological advantages occupy a larger market share, and because of the late start of China's shipbuilding coatings enterprises, the domestic shipbuilding coatings market is occupied by multinational enterprises. Therefore, as soon as possible, China will realize the industrialization and technological upgrading of marine coatings, enhance its market competitiveness, and invest in marine coatings with high added value and high technology content, so as to enhance its technological strength and survive in the fierce market competition.

    Because a single marine coatings is extremely difficult to meet the complex requirements of shipbuilding, and currently due to many obstacles, some special coatings can not be applied in this industry. Therefore, all kinds of marine coatings which can play a special role are believed to be widely used in this industry, such as fluorescent coatings, discolored coatings, stealth coatings, etc. will certainly play a greater role in the future. In addition, thanks to the transfer of the international industrial chain, China has become a global manufacturing base. However, with the development of modern society, China's cost advantages and labor resources have gradually lost their advantages. Some industries are gradually transferring to Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and other Southeast Asian countries, India, Africa and other countries. Although China has not lost its position as a global manufacturing base, China has also attached great importance to this phenomenon.

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