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    Farman launches "Green Catcher" fragrance with a wide range of applications

    Echemi 2020-07-31

    French flavor and fragrance company Mann's announced on its official website on July 27 that it has launched a new fragrance GREENCATCHER, which can be used in clothing care products, body care products and perfumes.

    Farman described that if GREENCATCHER is a color, then it is neon green.
    The company revealed that the new fragrance uses Farman’s charming fragrance Bigarane, so the fragrance is clear, full of fresh greenery, and also contains ozone and fruity notes.
    GREENCATCHER is non-allergenic and can be used in a wide range of products in the field of body care and clothing care. It can also be added to high-end perfume or air care products to add a natural feel.
    Farman said that the ozone and fruit vanilla notes of GREENCATCHER exhibit a strong aroma and have high olfactory stability. Its clear fragrance can leave a long-lasting refreshing effect. The company added that GREENCATCHER has been evaluated by its fragrance and fragrance safety, health and environmental impact assessment tool GREEN MOTION, which meets ecological requirements.

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