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    Symrise pushes pharmaceutical-grade excipients

    Echemi 2020-08-13

    On August 11, Symrise launched Hydrolite® 5P, a pharmaceutical-grade excipient, pentylene glycol. This product provides a drug management file (DMF), which details the advantages of Hydrolite® 5green to the pharmaceutical and skin care industries.

    Hydrolite®5P is made entirely from sugarcane by-products, using sustainable sources, in line with Symrise's sustainable development strategy.

    Najeeb Hakimi, product manager of Symrise, pointed out: "Hydrolite®5P can moisturize and enhance the efficacy of the active ingredients in the formulation. With Hydrolite®5P, our customers can improve the efficacy of formulations with the same dose of active ingredients."

    Hydrolite®5P can also improve the aesthetics of the formula and improve the skin feel of the formula.

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