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    Book on Textile Processing Launched

    Chemical Weekly 2018-07-16

    Mr. C.N. Sivaramakrishnan (CNS), an alumnus of the Department of Fibre Science, Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT) has launched the third in a series of books aimed at addressing shopfloor problems in textile processing. The books are a compliation of a series of articles published in Colourage over the past 10 years, and offer shopfloor operators viable solutions to day-to-day problems faced by them in textile pre-treatment, dyeing, printing and finishing.

    Challenges faced by the textiles industry include high energy costs, high transportation costs and lack of economy of scale. Favourable trade policies of government and superior quality could accelerate exports. Growth drivers are rising per capita income, favourable demographics and shift in preference to branded goods.

    Mr. N.K. Parekh, Vice Chairman, Pidilite Industries Ltd., launched the book at a function held at ICT on June 19, 2018. He ongratulated CNS for writing a book that is informative, practical and easy way to follow, and urged him to address the area of Technical Textiles, a fast-growing area, in a subsequent volume.

    Mr. Parekh pointed out that the textiles industry is significant contributor to the national economy, whether measured in terms of employment opportunities, net foreign exchange earnings, or contribution to overall GDP. To promote the sector, the government has come out with schemes like Textile Upgradation Fund, Integrated Processing Development Fund, Integrated Textile Parks, and Integrated Skill Development Scheme.

    Professor M.M. Sharma, Former Director, ICT, in his video message said that the book would set right problems practitioners face and motivated CNS to write a fourth book.

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