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    Exposure of new global flavor and fragrance products in February

    Echemi 2021-02-22

    In February, major fragrance companies around the world released a number of new products on Perfumer & Flavorist, including Dezhixin’s furfuryl thioacetate, Natural Advantage’s L-oxylinalool, and Isobionics BV’s natural citronone 70 % And MilliporeSigma's methylcyclohexadiene.

    Furfuryl thioacetate-Dezhixin


    Furfuryl thioacetate (FEMA#3162, CAS#13678-68-7) is the key ingredient of coffee flavor edible flavor. Its deep roast and light sulphur flavor bring out the aroma of freshly ground coffee.


    L-Linalool oxide——Natural Advantage


    Natural Advantage introduced natural L-oxylinalool (FEMA#3746, CAS#1365-19-1), which is naturally present in green tea and black tea. Oxidized linalool can bring camphor, floral, fruity, spicy, tea, woody, and even mint aromas. As we all know, it can increase the depth and sweetness of tea flavor and lemon flavor, and enhance the woody aroma of red wine. Natural oxidized linalool can also be used in mint top notes, which can bring a cooling sensation to a certain extent.


    Recommended dosage: 0.05-10 ppm in the finished product. It meets the natural food and kosher certifications of the European Union and the United States, is a non-GMO food, and is suitable for vegetarians.

    Natural nootkatone 70% (Natural nootkatone 70%)-Isobionics BV


    Isobionics' natural round grapefruit ketone 70% (FEMA#4941, CAS#4674-50-4) is fermented from renewable resources. The production of this product does not depend on crops, so it can guarantee continuous cheap supply and does not contain pesticides. The product has passed the European Union and the United States' natural, kosher and halal certification.

    Methyl cyclohexadiene, mixture of isomers, stabilized, 98%, stable (Methyl cyclohexadiene, mixture of isomers, stabilized, ≥98%)——MilliporeSigma


    MilliporeSigma's methylcyclohexadiene (FEMA#4311, CAS#30640-46-1) has a refreshing lime, lemon and earthy aroma, and its extremely diffusive top note is very suitable for the flavor of soda; its freshness The green and green onion top notes can be used to modulate the mustard flavor.

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