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    Yemoja pushes algae active ingredients, anti-aging/oxidation

    Echemi 2021-04-22

    Israel’s marine microalgae start-up company Yemoja, Ltd. recently launched a natural multifunctional active ingredient EPS Revive, which is extracted from Porphyridium algae using a completely natural process. It has natural anti-aging, anti-oxidant and skin-rejuvenating properties. Features, can be used in cosmetics.


    The company's closed formulation system is not affected by external environmental factors or climate fluctuations, so that it can provide customized EPS Revive for the cosmetics market throughout the year. Regarding customization, Yemoja, Ltd. said that it can increase the sulfate content attached to the ingredient during the algae cultivation stage, so that it can exist in the form of gel or pure powder with different concentrations.


    In vitro test results prove that EPS Revive can maintain the integrity of the connective tissue between the dermis in the exhausted culture medium, and its structure and sulfate content can effectively remove active oxygen, thereby effectively protecting the skin from aging. In addition, the active substance is also a powerful anti-inflammatory and antiviral drug, which can inhibit various inflammatory markers, including TNF-α and IL6 cytokines.


    EPS Revive is the first bioactive ingredient extracted from red algae using photobioreactor technology in a controlled laboratory environment. Due to its antioxidant, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and moisturizing properties, this ingredient can also be used in various cosmetic formulations such as sunscreen, facial cream, and lotion.

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