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Daqing Petrochemical's annual ethylene output exceeded one million tons for 6 consecutive years

Echemi 2021-10-12

During the National Day, Daqing Petrochemical cadres and employees stuck to their posts and worked hard to produce 22,500 tons of ethylene. As of September 26, the company's ethylene output this year exceeded 1 million tons, with the shortest production cycle in history, achieving 6 consecutive years of surpassing the one-million-ton annual output of ethylene.


Since the beginning of the year, the chemical market has become better and product demand has risen rapidly. Daqing Petrochemical has focused on key areas such as efficient use of resources and structural adjustment, strengthening top-level design, focusing on reducing oil and increasing consumption, balancing raw material consumption, and increasing ethylene production capacity. Quick release, 3 sets of ethylene plants maintained large load and stable operation, and the average daily output of ethylene reached more than 3700 tons.


In-depth practice of the concept of "molecular oil refining". Daqing Petrochemical takes full advantage of the integration of refining and chemical industry, and takes the refinement of oil refining technology as a breakthrough point to fully tap the efficiency of each set of equipment. According to the principle of “oil suitable for oil and ene suitable for ene”, Daqing Petrochemical Co., Ltd. scientifically coordinates the balanced refining of different crude oils of Daqing Oil and Russian Oil, organizes production according to the best efficiency route, and fine-tunes the control indicators of the crude oil processing process. The quality of raw materials continues to improve.


strive to promote technological innovation and lead. Daqing Petrochemical adheres to technology advancement and technology establishment, utilizes and optimizes the existing oilfield light hydrocarbon preheating process, preheats the raw materials C4 and light hydrocarbons and then separately cracks them, so as to precisely control the cracking depth of different materials. Through process simulation, online analysis and other means, the optimal cracking depth of C4 and light hydrocarbons is found; parameters such as cracking depth and dilution ratio are dynamically adjusted to maximize the refining of light hydrocarbon raw materials and increase the ethylene yield.


The battle to improve quality and efficiency has been launched in an all-round way. Daqing Petrochemical actively adopts measures such as increasing revenue and reducing expenditure, reducing costs and increasing efficiency, and finds a balance between the large-load operation of the installation and the economy. Established "health records" for 20 cracking furnaces in three sets of ethylene plants, carried out daily calculation, weekly analysis, and monthly summary of key indicators affecting yield and energy consumption, optimized maintenance and operation for 24 hours, and realized upgrade management of important components. After many demonstrations and continuous explorations on the operation mode of the cracking furnace, the "two large and two small" cracking furnace operation mode of the E2 plant was launched this year, with an average daily increase of 50 tons of ethylene; the E1 plant realized the simultaneous operation of 8 cracking furnaces for the first time.

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