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    Jilin oil field realizes stable production of old oil field by water control,

    Echemi 2019-12-13

    As of November 25, the water cut rise rate of old wells in Jilin Oilfield was controlled at 0.8%, 0.9% lower than that in 2013; the natural decline rate was controlled at 11.3%, 3.8% lower than that in 2013. It is estimated that in the past six years, Jilin Oilfield has accumulated 1.14 million tons of crude oil, which is equivalent to 560000 tons of construction capacity, and "water control" has brought out a new level of stable production of old oilfield. The Jilin Oilfield has been developed for more than half a century. The developed oilfield has gradually entered the stage of high water cut. The contradiction among the plane, the interlayer and the interlayer is prominent, and the invalid water circulation is increasingly serious. In recent years, the company regards fine water injection as the top priority of stable production of old oil fields, and makes every effort to promote the special treatment of water injection. Make great efforts to carry out fine water injection control. At present, progress has been made in fine geology and quantitative study of remaining oil distribution, subdivision injection standard, periodic water injection, etc., which provides technical support for oilfield development from the source. Fine optimization of water injection scheme. Taking the block or well area as a unit, further deepen the understanding of the law of water breakthrough effect, carry out the re evaluation of water injection effect, and reasonably optimize the water injection policy.

    Continuously improve the injection production well pattern, based on the description of single sand body and the understanding of stratification, and based on the principle of high-efficiency layer lifting, low-efficiency layer control in place and invalid layer stopping in place, comprehensively carry out the "three in one" fine water injection structure adjustment of plane, interlayer and layer. Innovate and improve periodic water injection. The matching technology of cyclic water injection with different water injection modes, cycles and intensities has been formed, which plays an important role in controlling water and stabilizing oil production in the development period of ultra-high water cut. Among them, the cyclic water injection technology of "interval recombination + interlaminar injection" researched, tested and popularized in Fuyu Oilfield has greatly promoted the improvement of its development effect. Up to now, 977 wells have implemented well type conversion and infilling adjustment, with daily water injection increased by 13600 cubic meters and daily oil production capacity increased by 269 tons; 499 long-term shut-down wells have been restored, 344 long-term shut-down wells have been restored, with a year-on-year increase in water utilization rate of 1.3 percentage points and a daily increase of 5260 cubic meters.

    The research and development of full bore water injection string, the development of electromechanical integrated high-efficiency testing technology, and the scale promotion of pressurized operation technology ensure the high-quality and efficient implementation of water injection plan. The research and development of two-way unsealing packer and drillable bridge plug, the finalization of downhole full bore separate injection technology and surface separate injection technology, greatly reducing the situation of string stuck well, reducing the cost of water injection maintenance. This year, it is estimated that 2009 wells will be completed in water injection well renewal, overhaul and inspection, among which 1100 wells will be operated under pressure, 2 million cubic meters of pressure relief water will be reduced; 89 wells will be optimized and adjusted in separate injection process, and 44 wells will be increased in monthly test capacity. It is estimated that the company's split injection rate will be 83% in the whole year, with a year-on-year increase of 0.6%; the qualified rate of effective water injection will be 78.2%, with a year-on-year increase of 0.7%.

    Continuously strengthen the water quality assurance of water injection. According to the water quality control requirements of different reservoirs, the development and improvement of oilfield sewage treatment process has formed 6 major process technologies to improve the water quality of the outgoing station. The laboratory shall be established at different levels, and the water quality sampling inspection shall be carried out regularly to improve the water quality monitoring capacity. Periodically carry out the maintenance of system facilities, pipe network flushing, shaft flushing and other work, and strive to reduce secondary pollution. In 2019, a total of 218 water injection containers, 1126km of flushing branch lines and 10500 well times of well flushing were completed. Further improve the comprehensive treatment level of water injection. With the demonstration area as the guide, actively explore new ways to stabilize production around the contradiction between the direction of oilfield development and stage development. Comprehensive treatment of Fuyu, Xinli, Qian'an, Daqingzijing and Xinmin oilfields with "double high", "double low" and "double negative" has been carried out. Among them, 11 company level comprehensive governance demonstration blocks have been selected with emphasis on "injection", "adjustment", "control" and "Introduction".

    At present, 1368 units have been implemented, and 73% of the blocks have achieved comprehensive stable production. Gradually improve the long-term system of water injection. Establish the water injection management organization, implement the responsibilities step by step, and fully promote the water injection work as the "first hand" project. The development department optimizes the professional post setting, and the water injection department comprehensively integrates the geological and technological professional posts; each oil production unit has set up a water injection management team led by the plant director, and the Research Institute and the oil production Institute have set up corresponding water injection technical support team. A new mode of water injection management is formed by establishing rules and regulations, improving water injection management system and technical standards in combination with the actual situation. Among them, water injection inspection and assessment are carried out in a one-stop way in a normalized way, and the whole process and all-round institutionalized management of water injection work is gradually realized. Fine water injection training has been carried out to improve the technical and management capabilities of relevant personnel. This year, four water injection training sessions were held, and the "typical experience exchange group for stable production in old oilfields" was established to exchange experience with 10 oil production units, thus ensuring the steady progress of fine water injection.

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