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    General overview of global plant extracts market

    CPHI China 2020-05-12

    What is a plant extracts?
    During the process of plant growth, they carry out a number of metabolic and biochemical processes, forming and accumulating various kinds of chemical substances that form the chemical composition of plants. Plant extracts are very complicated and also contain many types of chemical composition with the composition in different parts also being different. Usually plants contain many types of chemical constituents below: alkaloids, glycosides, organic acids, resins (including resin acids, resin alcohols and hydrocarbon resins), volatile oils, sugars (including starches, inulin, gums and phlegmatic, etc.) , amino acids, proteins and enzymes, tannins, plant pigments (including chlorophyll, carotenoids, flavonoids, beet red bases and quinones, etc.), oils and waxes, and inorganic ingredients (trace elements).


    The main applications and market distribution of Plant Extracts
    1.The mainstream market is supplements or health foods
    Including the United States, Europe, Australia, China, Japan and South Korea and Southeast Asian countries
    2.The mainstream of the food market is natural food additives or food ingredients, rising in developed countries around the world
    3.Health care and treatment of domestic pets and pet market
    4.Emerging areas of the daily chemical industry
    5.In the field of medicine, plant extracts are advanced technology of modern plant medicine




    The global market for plant extracts is dominated by other markets in Asia, Europe and the Americas. The market size of plant extracts is approximately US $ 629 million.

    Australia and New Zealand are also two optimistic markets. In particular, Australia has international health care brand brands such as Swisse, which has great market potential in the future.

    figure 3


    figure 2


    figure 1



    Global mainstream products of plant extracts




    l Licorice extract   l Inulin chicory extract   l Yeast extract


    l Tannin extract   l Stevia extract   l Oat extract Seaweed extract


    l Green tea extract    l Green coffee bean extract


    l Malt extract   l Mangosteen extract


    l Hops extract   l Garcinia cambogia extract



    l Ginseng extract    l Grape seed extract   l Garlic extract  


    l Mint extract   l Purple Daisy Extract   l Hawthorn extract


    l Ginger extract   l Ginkgo biloba extract


    l Cranberry extract   l Bilberry Extract


    l Hypericum perforatum extract    l Rhodiola rosea extract


    Japan and South Korea

    l Red Ginseng Extract    l Bilberry Extract    l Stevia extract


    l Ginkgo biloba extract    l Green tea extract



    l Grape seed extract   l Green coffee bean extract


    l Bilberry Extract    l Green tea extract


    China export TOP 10


    l Stevia leaf extract   l Menthol   l Eucalyptus oil


    l Marigold extract   l Chili Extract   l Licorice extract


    l Citrus young fruit extract    l Bilberry Extract


    l Rutin   l Ginkgo biloba extract


    India export TOP 5


    l Capsaicin  l Aloe extract   l Turmeric extract


    l Garcinia cambogia extract   l Senna Leaf Extract




    Plant extracts major global manufacturers and main products

    Indena is the company dedicated to the identification, development and production of high quality active principles derived from plants, for use in the pharmaceutical and health food industries.
    Main products
    Chamomile extract
    Bilberry Extract
    Grape seed extract
    Green tea extract

    Naturex in plant extraction and the development of natural ingredients allows to meet the demands of our industrial customers in developing efficient and specific solutions for the food, health and beauty sectors.
    Main products
    European Bilberry Extract etc.

    Avoca Inc
    Avoca Inc is a biotechnology company based out of 15 Samoset Ave, Quincy, Massachusetts, United States.
    Main products
    Cranberry extract
    Green tea extract

    Since its establishment in 1998, it is the world's largest producer and processor of aloe ingredients.
    Main products
    Aloe extract

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