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    Scientists alarm: sugar causes wrinkles!

    Echemi 2020-06-01

    Many factors affect the condition of our skin and the rate of its aging. We divide them into internal - genetically determined, on which we have no influence and external - dependent largely on us. The way we live, whether we play sports, get enough sleep and what our diet consists of determines many processes in the body - including those whose effects can be seen on the face. So if you dream about enjoying a smooth, young-looking complexion for as long as possible, you should take a magnifying glass ... sugar and sweets! Why is this so important?

    How does sugar affect the aging process?
    According to many studies, as much as 40% of sugars are responsible for faster skin aging and discoloration. This process is called glycation and is conditioned by ... our habits.

    In the cells of the body, also in skin cells, the glycation process is carried out constantly. However, under the influence of food products such as carbohydrates or sugar, it can be accelerated. Then the so-called A.G.E. (Advanced Glycation Endproducts), i.e. sugar and protein compounds that sweeten the skin by accelerating the aging process. It has been observed that collagen and elastin fibers stick together under the effect of sweetening, and lose their strength and elasticity. As a result, the skin's structure is weakened - new wrinkles are created, excessive drying and loss of natural glow.

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