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Nouryon and Atul start production of the monochloroacetic acid plant in India

Echemi 2021-04-30

Recently, Nouryon (Amsterdam, Netherlands) and Atul have successfully put into operation an Anaven, a joint venture production facility in Gujarat, India, which will help meet the growing needs of the Indian agricultural, personal care and pharmaceutical markets.


Anaven is the largest monochloroacetic acid (MCA) production base in India, with a current annual output of 32,000 tons, and it may rapidly expand to an annual output of 60,000 tons. MCA is used as an important raw material for various products such as adhesives, pharmaceuticals and crop protection chemicals. Atul directly consumes part of MCA when producing crop protection chemicals.


Rob Vancko, Vice President of Construction Department of Nouryon and Chairman of Anaven, said: “Through cooperation with Atul, we can use Nouryon’s global leadership in MCA to meet the rapidly growing needs of customers in multiple markets in India, while also Can continue to promote innovation and sustainable development in the region."


Nouryon recently won the EcoVadis Silver Medal for its achievements in sustainable development. Nouryon used its expertise to build a plant that uses environmentally friendly hydrogenation technology and uses the latest sustainable innovations to reduce energy consumption.


The Anaven plant is also the only zero liquid discharge MCA production base in the world, which means zero waste water is discharged from the plant, which is very critical because of the shortage of water resources in India. The plant also attaches great importance to continuous safety and has achieved zero injuries during the production process.


Sunil Lalbhai, Chairman and Managing Director of Atul, said, “Thanks to our partnership, we can apply Nouryon’s most advanced technology in the new plant, and at the same time, it is in line with our bulk package and agricultural chemicals business. Integration. The Anaven plant will ensure a reliable supply of key raw materials for the Indian market, so that more and more farmers, doctors and families have better access to daily necessities.


Sobers Sethi, Senior Vice President of Nouryon Emerging Markets, added: “In emerging Asian markets, this investment and partnership with Atul highlights Nouryon’s growth ambitions in target end markets such as agriculture, cleaning and personal care. Globally When the supply chain is under pressure due to the new crown epidemic, it is particularly important to ensure the supply of these basic ingredients."


Nouryon has MCA plants in the Netherlands, China and Japan, and an organic peroxide and metal alkyl production base in Mahad, India.

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