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    Why do we all look forward to the future development of waterborne coatings?

    Echemi 2019-08-09


    With the continuous development of China's economy, the rapid progress of urbanization and the continuous warming of the real estate industry, Chinese coatings enterprises have been flourishing in Shenzhou. After nearly a century of groping and development, China's coatings production has become the world with the momentum of rapid growth. Boundary coatings are the leading producers of large countries.

    As we all know, influenced by the global economic environment, real estate adjustment policies and other factors, China's paint market has shown a vigorous trend, even international well-known brands have been pouring into China, and quickly occupied the Chinese market with their better quality products. Facing the well-known brands at home and abroad in the market, if Chinese paint enterprises want to develop in such fierce competition, they should not only bear the huge competitive pressure of foreign brands, but also bear the competitive pressure of domestic enterprises. They should think about how to create better products that meet the needs of health and environmental protection. Only in this way can they make better use of products that meet the needs of health and environmental protection. In order to attract consumers'attention and create more repeat customers' paint online

    With the rapid development of society, but in the process of development, environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious. Therefore, China and the world vigorously support and encourage environmental protection and energy-saving scientific and technological innovation. At present, new scientific and technological products which can effectively protect the environment and reduce pollution have appeared in all fields of production and life. Water paint can effectively reduce air pollution and minimize or disappear the damage caused by paint to human body. It is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving paint. Therefore, the application and development of paint is of great significance to society. Recently, the first high-end privately-owned water paint Council was formally established in Shanghai. After the establishment ceremony, the whole industry began to think about the development of water paint. After several years of precipitation, consumers are no longer particularly interested in those fancy selling points, after all, these selling points are not the most critical thing of the paint itself. On the contrary, environmental protection has become the most concerned safety issue. Xiaobian understands that in the process of paint development, the government needs further support to promote the development policy of energy-saving and environmental protection paint. For example, to increase the proportion of water paint used in urban infrastructure construction and government procurement, so that enterprises can get real benefits in the market, transfer positive energy, promote energy conservation and environmental protection, and promote water paint. While the government vigorously advocates energy-saving and environmental protection, it also brings along the propaganda of water paint and other related energy-saving and environmental protection industries. This not only meets the needs of developing environmental protection and energy-saving industries in China, but also supports and encourages enterprises of environmental protection and energy-saving coatings. It is also helpful to deepen the general public's understanding of water paints from their own health and safety, so that they are more inclined to environmental protection and reduce the fullness, colour and color of coatings. Hardness and other requirements. Some people in the industry have said that if there is still a deeper level, the national painting enterprises can also take advantage of the East Wind to publicize their brands and reverse the long-standing consumer psychology of "non-international brands" in the hearts of ordinary people.

    In addition to policy assistance, self-efforts are also an important part. With the continuous progress of technology, the market demands for environmental protection, decoration and tolerance of various environments. With the increasingly stringent environmental protection policies, the market demand for environmentally friendly, low-carbon and energy-saving coatings is increasing. In this context, the market share of traditional solvent-based coatings will continue to decline, and the proportion of water paint applications will gradually increase. Industry analysts said that the demand for paint increased rapidly with the rapid growth of the paint market. With the slowdown of China's economic growth and the increasing amount of paint market, the growth rate of downstream industries will gradually decline, and the demand for coatings will slow down. However, the downstream industry has a growing demand for high-quality, high-performance and environment-friendly coatings. The development of high-end paint is an important driving force to promote the growth of market sales. China's paint manufacturers need to seize the opportunity to actively transform and upgrade.

    At present, the development of water-based paint has made great progress. In order to continue the development of water-based paint in the future, we must continue to improve and develop innovative technology and develop a broader application function of water-based technology. In addition, the national government should establish, improve and complete water-based technology according to the actual situation of our country. Good, scientific and reasonable laws and regulations or related rules and regulations will promote the development of China's paint industry.

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