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Cargill to Build New Biodiesel Plant in Kansas; Invests $90 Million

World Of Chemicals News 2017-09-27

Cargill said that it plans to build a state-of-the-art $90 million biodiesel plant in Wichita, Kansas. Set to open in January 2019, the plant will produce 60 million gallons of biodiesel annually.

Opening the facility in Wichita will strengthen Cargill's biodiesel operations in the heart of the Midwest where it already has biodiesel plants in Iowa Falls, Iowa, and Kansas City, Missouri. Unlike other traders of biodiesel, Cargill is an integrated producer managing the entire supply chain from origination to production to delivery.

Construction of the new 42,000 square foot facility begins December 2017. The plant will employ approximately 35 full-time employees. And will be located next to its oilseed processing plant and replaces an existing oil refinery managed by Cargill's global edible oil business.

Cargill has invested significantly in oil and shortenings products and remains committed to the food industry. Cargill's global edible Oils business will transfer existing edible oils production to alternate Cargill facilities.

"This new facility will enable Wichita to be a competitive supplier in the biofuels market, bringing value to the suppliers and customers we work with, and connecting farmers with industrial customers by supplying quality biomass-based diesel," said Pat Woerner, biodiesel commercial leader for Cargill's agricultural supply chain business.

"We are excited to bring this new facility to our farmers and customers in Wichita. At Cargill, we're prepared to handle demand for biofuels while balancing it against the need to nourish a growing global population," said Warren Feather, oilseed managing director for Cargill's agricultural supply chain business.

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