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    PPG Waterborne Coatings with ANDARO Pigment Bring Brilliance to New BYD Models

    Coatings World 2017-05-23


    PPG's automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) color styling team in China created two distinctive colors of waterborne coatings for BYD that the Chinese automaker featured on vehicles unveiled during Auto Shanghai 2017 – its Dynasty concept vehicle, and a new seven-passenger version of its flagship Song model.

    The unique colors – enabled by innovative high-chroma ANDARO pigments from PPG – provided a rich, vibrant look and strong visual appeal to BYD’s vehicles, encouraging show visitors’ interest to help increase the possibility of the models’ future commercial introduction.

    “We are excited to work with BYD to develop brilliant and distinctive colors for its concept cars and new models,” said David Cui, PPG product manager and market development director, automotive coatings, Asia Pacific. “In addition to delivering high-quality, sustainable products such as our low-VOC (volatile organic compound) waterborne automotive coatings, PPG is committed to collaborating with customers to enhance their brand recognition through value-added color solutions and innovative technologies.”

    Andaro tint dispersions use patented PPG nanopigment technology to create colors with high chromaticity.

    To highlight the power, speed and unique avant-garde style of the Dynasty concept vehicle, which incorporates a dragon-inspired exterior drawing on China’s rich cultural heritage, BYD’s design team requested a lively red color. Drawing inspiration from the “IMpower” color-story trend palette that is part of PPG’s “Kulture” collection for 2020 automotive models, PPG color designers selected from dozens of red color options with different hues, brightness and chroma and ultimately developed "Emperor Red" to meet BYD’s needs. They added red pigment with patented Andaro technology into varnish to deliver a transparent and intense reflection, and paired that with a red-tinted clearcoat for a multilayer effect enabling high color saturation.

    BYD’s long-anticipated seven-seat Song model also incorporated multiple layers of colored paint, incorporating blue Andaro pigment to deliver a brilliant appearance.

    PPG’s automotive OEM coatings business operates color research and development centers in 10 countries. Backed by a professional color styling team, it offers integrated color development services for global automotive customers. Since 1983, PPG has released an annual automotive color popularity report that reflects design trends and consumer preferences across the globe. Its foresight in color design is recognized by global automotive manufacturers, strengthening PPG’s leading position in the automotive coatings industry.

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