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2021 China xylene spot market price trend analysis

Echemi 2021-11-19


China's xylene market price trend chart

China's xylene market price trend chart


Focusing on 2021, the overall trend of the domestic xylene market fluctuates upward and then flattens out, and a new inflection point appears at the end of September and the beginning of October. Hit a new high for the year. As of receipt, the price difference between the high and low end of the year is 3197 yuan/ton, the low point of the year is 3910 yuan/ton, and the high point is 7120 yuan/ton.


The first stage, along with the epidemic under control at home and abroad, the domestic xylene through bounced back after a trough in 2020, the rising trend is linear, xylene market prices overall upward, returned to the city after the Spring Festival, celebrates its market, traders rised over your goods more, stand up state of mind, and oil market rally, obviously must be at the stadium outside support, Part of the related enterprises aromatics equipment maintenance, all parties good support, xylene market straight rise, for the later market fluctuations laid a strong foundation.


In the second price segment, the market was affected by the fluctuations of supply and demand, and the market price of xylene rose significantly. The domestic spot supply of xylene was still tight, and the downstream gasoline mixing was purchased. PX started at a normal point, which to some extent drove the market price to rise at the beginning of the month. However, after the periodic rise, the market price of xylene gradually fell, the lack of strong positive stimulation, the market bullish sentiment tends to be conservative. However, in May, the consumption tax policy of mixed aromatic hydrocarbons was issued, and unexpected good news came and traders in the market had a strong intention to rise. However, the actual linkage and downstream actual demand limited the price of xylene from rising and falling. In addition, the maintenance devices of major refineries resumed production successively in the early stage, and the cargo concentrated in the port, and the market supply was sufficient. The market rose sharply after the rapid rebound.


The third stage, the market trend is relatively flat, the overall consolidation is mainly sideways, the price fluctuated within a narrow range. Although the crude oil market fluctuates greatly, but the actual impact on the field is weak. In addition, the port inventory trend is steadily rising, cargo concentrated in the port, the spot supply is sufficient, resulting in the quarterly spot selling pressure increased. While traders are looking for opportunities to boost their appetite, demand limits high-end offers, leaving the market flat. Due to the substantive lack of positive and negative, the rise and fall have certain limitations.


In the fourth stage, the xylene market in October lived up to the expectations of the traditional gold nine silver ten, and rose to RMB 7085 / ton. After the end of the national Holiday, the international crude oil market has a strong trend. The bulk of energy products are in a rush, and the external good support is good. In addition, the market price of gasoline and diesel is high because of the impact of power restriction and other related policies, driving the high price of xylene market.


In general, the xylene market rose in the year as a whole. With the prevention and control of the global epidemic, the operators in the market actively rose, coupled with the strong rise of crude oil, the strong price of gasoline and diesel in the downstream, and the rising of bulk commodities, the rising power in the market continued to increase, resulting in the rising of the xylene market in the year, and returned to the high level.

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