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    BP: Fossil fuels account for 84% of the global energy market

    Echemi 2020-07-03

    According to the Oil Price Network report on June 29, this week, BP released the "Statistical Review of World Energy 2020". The report covers energy data as of 2019 and provides a comprehensive picture of the supply and demand of major energy sources at the national level.

    This annual report is one of the most important sources of global energy data. It is the main source of data for many companies, government agencies and non-governmental organizations.

    Last year, primary energy consumption increased by 1.3%, less than half of the growth rate in 2018 (2.8%). Nevertheless, this is the world’s tenth consecutive record high in energy consumption.

    Renewable energy accounts for the largest share of the increase in energy consumption, reaching 41%. Natural gas accounts for the second largest, with an increase of 36%. However, in terms of the overall proportion of energy consumption, oil still tops the list, accounting for 33% of all energy consumption. The remaining global energy consumption comes from coal (27%), natural gas (24%), hydropower (6%), renewable energy (5%) and nuclear power (4%).

    In total, fossil fuels still account for 84% of the world's primary energy consumption in 2019.

    Three quarters of the increase in global energy consumption comes from China, followed by India and Indonesia. The United States and Germany experienced the largest declines.

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