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    Stable operation of potassium sulfate market

    Echemi 2021-01-21

    In terms of potassium sulfate, the domestic potassium sulfate market is currently operating stably, and there is basically no inventory pressure as a whole. The market price basically continued the previous price, and there was no major change in the whole. The operating rate of processing potassium sulfate plants in North China is still low, and the recent shipping situation in the north has encountered greater resistance. The logistics and transportation are not smooth, which may further affect the production of plant equipment.


    It is understood that the current production of Luopotash in Xinjiang SDIC is normal, and the pre-shipment orders are the main ones. The arrival price of 52% powder is about 2740 yuan/ton; the output of Qinghai salt system is limited, and the arrival price of 50% powder is 2575 yuan/ton. about. Processing potassium sulfate is now mainly based on a single discussion and replenishment on demand. The ex-factory price of 50% Mannheim potassium sulfate powder is about 2650 yuan/ton, and the ex-factory price of 50% Mannheim potassium sulfate powder is 2725 yuan/ton. Around the time, prices remained stable, basically the same as last week.


    Market outlook: As for the later trend of domestic potash fertilizer, industry insiders believe that for a period of time, the potash fertilizer market will maintain a weak and temporarily stable trend, the price will remain the status quo, the overall market trading will be slightly light, and the port shipment will be slower. The potassium sulfate market as a whole maintains stable operation, and it is expected that the market will remain stable in the short term.

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