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    Kemira raises polymer prices in the Asia-Pacific region

    Echemi 2021-03-03

    On March 1, Kemira announced an update on the price increase of all polymer products in the Asia-Pacific region.


    In recent weeks, due to tight supply and strong demand in the Asia-Pacific region and even the world, the cost of key raw materials has continued to rise. Therefore, additional price adjustments are required to compensate for the higher costs incurred.


    The following revised total price increase will be applied from March 1, 2021 or where the contract terms allow.


    Dry powder polymer: +11-15%


    Emulsion polymer: +11-15%


    Polyamines and other liquid polymers: + 8-10%


    The price increase will vary by geographic region, and by product type, and may be higher in some regions.


    Kemira continues to be committed to providing long-term suppliers of high-quality products and solutions to water-intensive industries in the Asia-Pacific region.

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