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    Auto, Home Industry's First-Ever Non-Toxic Garage Floor Coating Launched

    Coatings World 2017-06-08


    Rainguard has unveiled its all-new Garage Floor Coating system: the automotive industry’s first-ever non-toxic, superior performing floor coating technology.

    Engineered specifically for the demands of automotive enthusiasts – from the home to professional racing garages – Rainguard’s solution stands out from the competition as the only garage floor coating that’s completely safe for people, pets and planet, while delivering unmatched performance.

    EPA-Compliant: Toxic acids in competitor solutions result in consumers dumping illegal substances in drains.

    Garage Floor Coating takes on extreme challenges: Hot tire pickup, chemical spills, brake fluid, gases, oil, solvents and more are no match for the product’s protective qualities.

    A single part polyurethane solution that doesn’t require mixing and is the industry’s fastest drying compound – allowing homeowners and racing teams to drive vehicles onto coated floors in one hour (when mixed with our quick cure additive).

    Long-lasting and extremely easy to apply.

    Incredible style/aesthetic options: High gloss, non-slip formula can be colored clear, grey, mocha and more. Unlike other solutions, it will not yellow over time and won’t peel.

    “The power of our patent-protected floor coating technology has been trusted in the commercial/industrial space for quite some time – so it was only natural for us to enhance the solution for the very particular demands of everyone from automotive enthusiasts, race teams to homeowners with garages,” said Claude Florent, president of Rainguard Water Sealers. “But more importantly, as is the case with all Rainguard products, the new Garage Floor Coating product is truly the first in the market to not pose a safety threat to people, pets, planet and appliers themselves. Not only does it perform better in every aspect – from the fastest curing to extreme protection – it eliminates the need to expose customers and their loved ones to toxic acids and other harmful substances that are present in everything else out there. We’re here to protect our customers before everything else.”

    The same engineered compound utilized with Rainguard’s commercial/industrial floor solutions – widely trusted for warehouse floors, commercial driveways, patios, sidewalks and more public areas – serves as the base for the new consumer product.

    With consumers unknowingly committing illegal acts with EPA-violating dumping of acids from other garage coating compounds on the market though mixing processes, Rainguard’s Garage Floor Coating is truly the superior and safe option.

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