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A large sweetener supplier signs a contract with Firmenich to purchase stevia extract

Echemi 2021-07-19

French sweetener, starch, and bioethanol producer Tereos announced that it has reached a strategic agreement with Firmenich to purchase stevia extract from Firmenich to provide its customers with traceable stevia-derived sweeteners .


Terraos stated that based on this agreement, the company will combine its own solutions with Firmenich's series of stevia extracts, and use both parties' outstanding knowledge and expertise in the field of food flavors to accelerate its own innovation in sugar reduction.


Terraios has been operating stevia for 10 years, has a deep understanding of the market, and possesses application expertise. The company supplies customers with a variety of sweetening solutions, and stevia extract is one of them.


Guillaume Planque, Marketing Director of Tereos, said: “Firmenich is the world’s largest privately-owned flavor and fragrance company and a leading stevia supplier. We signed a strategic procurement agreement with it to provide the company’s stevia And our sweeteners business customers opened up new perspectives, allowing them to benefit from our ability to adjust formulas and Firmenich’s deep flavor and aroma expertise."


Terraos is a cooperative organization composed of 12,000 farmers around the world. In addition to sugar and sweeteners, it also supplies leavening agents such as starch, dietary fiber, protein, maltodextrin, bioethanol, etc. The downstream industries include food and beverage, animal feed, phytochemistry and fermentation, medicine, energy, and personal care, etc. 

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