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    Highly efficient UV-Vis light activated three-component photoinitiators

    European Coating 2020-09-11

    The paper concerns the evaluation of the efficiency of novel three-component systems for initiating the photopolymerisation process of 2-ethyl-2-(hydroxymethyl)-1,3-propanediol triacrylate (TMPTA). Combinations of 1,3-bis(phenylamino)squaraine (SQG1) with different types of co-initiators are proposed as effective UV-Vis light photoinitiators.

    The co-initiators used in the experiments, such as silane (TTMSS), borate salt (B2), carbazole (NVC) and a set of iodonium salts (I1, I2, I77, I81), are active radical sources for initiation of the polymerisation of TMPTA.

    Optimal photoinitiator concentration indicated
    The effect of the composition of the system on the photopolymerisation kinetics was analysed. The optimal photoinitiator concentration that gives high monomer conversions and high values of the rate of polymerisation is indicated.

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